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12 Thousand Acres Plan unanimously approved.

Airdrie Echo – By Kelsey Yates
Multimedia Journalist

The 12 Thousand Acres Plan has been unanimously approved by council and is set to move forward.
The plan strategizes and provides framework the development for the next 50 years of a 12,460-acre sec­tion of land annexed from Rocky View County in 2012.
“When we do a plan like this we’re not going to make everyone happy,” said Mayor Peter Brown.
“Opportunities change, things come up, and we can make some adjustments.”
The main goals of the plan are to provide general direc­tion on land uses, outline future community Area Structure Plan boundaries, determine the sequencing for when lands will be available for development, and outline a framework for guiding interim non-residential land uses before new areas receive planning and approval.
“It sets a path for the City to be able to achieve many of its strategic plans and targets,” said City Planner William Czaban.
All developments made under the plan must align with the existing transporta­tion network and sustain non­residential development.
The City of Airdrie will be working with Calgary as major routes and service lines will need to be planned out.
Initial public engagement began back in October 2017 to gather feedback from resi­dents, with a number of open houses, focus groups, and other information ses­sions held by the planning department.
At the June 18 City Coun­cil meeting, a public input session was held to gage the support of the plan.
Several representatives for developers spoke in favour of the plan, as well as Ken Hoehn, the President of Nature First: Airdrie and Rocky View Foundation.
“We’ve felt that we’ve been heard by the plan­ning staff, and the consul­tation has been extremely strong from our point of view” said Hoehn.
“We feel that the plan addresses the issue of conservation sufficiently now, and wildlife habitat is recognized as an issue. We look forward to continuing our work with city staff to achieve our goal.”
Nature First aims to secure a piece of the annexed lands as a conser­vation area for local wildlife.
Two other residents spoke against the 12 Thousand Acres Plan because of their own specific con­cerns, which were regarded by Council.

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  • John Whitrick,

    Great to see a unanimous vote from council and that they recognize the importance of looking into this with Nature First Foundation group.

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